Vath's Legacy will probably hold up as the most important installment in The Rufino Factor even when the series is complete. Many things happen in this novel including but not limited to the introduction of the series's mysterious main villain, but the most critical development to me was the deepening of the relationship between Kiralyn and Rufino. They don't know it yet, but their growing love for each other is the only chance their world has to survive what's coming.

Two hundred innocent Nyobian citizens perished by the hand of the renegade warlock and domestic terrorist, Krexin Vath. Following his defeat three years ago, an entire country's worth of potential victims heaved a collective sigh of relief, believing their terrible ordeal to finally be over.

They were wrong.

Other warlocks and necromancers are now banding together to continue the work of Vath. Kiralyn Frostwhisper and her unlikely undead ally, Rufino Endicott, have a unique opportunity to infiltrate this death cult and expose everyone involved, but there's a catch. Evil is contagious, and nobody is immune. What awaits the duo is a severe test of character in which the only thing they have going for them is each other.