Rufino Endicott's attempt to reclaim a part of his lost life hasn't gone well thus far. Betrayed and left for dead by the druid-sorceress, Kiralyn Frostwhisper, the little vampire now finds himself enslaved by the dark magic of an unstable necromancer. To make matters worse, his captor has raised an entire army of zombies for the purpose of assaulting the nearby township of Tundora, home of twenty thousand innocent people.

Rufino is now faced with an awful choice. He can do nothing, which will guarantee his own survival at the cost of his soul, or he can risk almost-certain death to try to save a town full of people who would kill him in a heartbeat simply for being a vampire.

The road to recovery is seldom smooth, but Rufino's is full of potholes. Betrayed by Kiralyn and enslaved by Teo'edal, my little vampire is worse off now than he was at the beginning of Leap of Faith. The Darkest Depths is about hitting rock bottom not once, but twice, and finding the courage to keep fighting. One must never stop fighting.