It's one thing to want to turn your life around. It's quite another thing to succeed. When halfling vampire Rufino Endicott develops feelings for a woman for the first time in his six-year unlife, he finally realizes the true extent of the damage inflicted by his isolation. More than anything else, he wants to break his endless cycle of loneliness and depression. Unfortunately, the object of his affection is Kiralyn Frostwhisper, an undead-hating druid-sorceress widely regarded as the most dangerous woman in the world. The logical thing to do is to flee the country posthaste, but his dead heart is afraid that this chance might never come again. With nothing to lose, Rufino takes the plunge, kick-starting a heartwarming and eccentric tale of recovery.

Chomp necks and don't get caught: the life of a vampire as Rufino Endicott would have described it before he became one. Six years later, he knows that dodging the angry men with the swords is the easy part of being what he is, and that the paranoid, isolated lifestyle is the real enemy. Oh, he's deluded himself into believing that his life isn't so bad, but that bubble is about to burst.

One night, completely out of nowhere, Rufino develops feelings for one of his potential blood donors. In doing so, he begins to realize just how much his vampirism has cost him, and how much he wants to regain what he's lost. What he doesn't realize is that this woman is not who she seems to be, and that his road to recovery will be a treacherous one.