Despite having survived hitting rock-bottom, Rufino's battle is far from over. His previous existence, empty but safe, seems mighty tempting after so many days spent in the frying pan. How many life-threatening experiences can one little man be expected to endure? Maybe recovery just isn't in the cards for this halfling vampire.

Or maybe the first real victory is closer than he thinks. All he has to do is to keep moving forward. 

Rufino Endicott is the Hero of Tundora, but he doesn’t feel very heroic. Wracked by depression and survivor’s guilt, all the little vampire wants to do is to crawl back into his wayward mobile coffin and hide from the world until he can find a way to heal his wounds. The timetable for recovery is unclear.

The search for his coffin takes him to Strelas, the capital city of Nyobi. A regular stop in his merchant host’s travels, the enormous metropolis seems the most logical place to pitch a tent and wait, but there are no guarantees he’ll be able to find his coffin in such a large city even when it is there to be found. Not content to leave his fate to the tender mercies of chance, green-haired Rufino barges into the most prestigious tavern in the universe in search of useful information. What he finds instead sets the stage for a whole other game of hide-and-seek—one in which the penalty for failure is death and the prize for winning might also be death!